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Producer + Filmmaker

​ ​​Charlotte has been an actor for 20+ years and a filmmaker for 10 years. She specializes in creations that drive us into the heart of humanity to discover what lives there. She has written and helmed four films, produced ten films, edited seven films, and has several projects in pre-production. ​​- Executive Producer of ThisThistle Media               
- Director/ Writer of Rockaway Moon and Portrait of the Artist
​- Producer on Rockaway Moon, Clockstrike Twelve, Coffee Mom, The Spinning Stitch, 
- Assistant Director for Merce, the webseries: Season Two, Lost + Found, Brooklyn Lear, The Pit & The Pendulum
- Editor on The Four Walls of Charlotte Moreland, Brooklyn Lear, Lost + Found,
and Pandemic  Poetry Parts 2 & 4​​

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